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we're back now on a wednesday morning, it is the 29th day of september 2010. you know what that means fos? mr. bryant gumbel's birthday "today." >> happy birthday, buddy, many happy returns. out on the plaza, speaking of happy returns.
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>> i think it's going to be about 15 days or so. >> the original prediction was christmas time. coming up, we're going to be talking about this tropical storm that's now making its way up the coast. we follow our "today" show wedding. >> a little tropical depression number 16. if it does become a storm, it will be nicole, bringing copious amounts of rain through tonight into tomorrow. >> that means a heck of a lot of rain. >> it's going to be a mess here. all right, also ahead, some financial advice, on wednesday, it's always our money 911 panel is here. and if you're in credit card debt, can you get a hardship rate on paying it off? and how does your marital status affect your child's financial aid. we'll get to the bottom of all these questions and more. and we're going to continue our focus on education week, when we look at very young
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children actually learning a second language which is cool. and believe it or not, talk about birthdays, charlie brown is 60 years old. the peanuts gang celebrating a big anniversary this year. although charles schultz is gone, we're going to catch up with sparky, jean schultz is going to be here. all right, let's go inside, ann curry is standing by at the news desk, she's got all the headlines. in the news, a tropical storm system that will be drenching south florida this morning is gathering strength as it moves north. we have got the weather channel's jim cantore in ft. lauderdale. what's expected where you are? >> reporter: the storm's about 225 miles to our south and what you see is what you get here with the wind and the rain and because the storm is not really fully developed, we're not into
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the worst of that rain yet, last night we had some very heavy rain move through here, as a matter of fact up in melbourne, we had parts of interstate 95 that were closed because of the rain. when we have tropical storm warnings, we're under flash flood watches as well and when those rain bands move in, as many as one to two inches per hour. that's the big concern, they have lowered the water in the canals to obviously allow for some of that water that comes down with some of that rain to move on in. stay off the roads when the heavy rain moves on through and hopefully it will move through and as we wake up tomorrow morning the sun should be back out here across florida which is what people are accustomed to. >> jim cantore, thank you so much for that. also intelligence officials are concerned with what's described as a credible terrorism plot against france. one counter terror official said that recent missile strikes in pakistan were armied at
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disrupting the possible plot. 46 democrats are broken ranks with president obama telling speaker nancy pelosi they would vote with republicans if necessary to continue the bush tax cuts. meanwhile obama wraps up his road trip today speaking in des moines, iowa. he told voters they cannot afford to sit out midterm elections just because they're disappointed with the current democratic majority. a plane landed in milwaukee with only part of its landing gear down, passengers were warned to brace for impact but no one was hurt. significant progress was made in an effort to free those trapped miners in chile, it's possible those miners could be rescued as early as october. and not far from where the miners are trapped, there was a
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rescue on tuesday, a horse was trapped in an 80-foot mine shaft was pulled to safety. they're now referring to the horse as the 34th miner. it is now four minutes past the hour, let's get another check of the weather from al. >> all right, thanks, ann, let's check it out, see what's happening, the latest on tropical depression 16, 230 miles south/southwest of miami. moving north/northeast at nine and this moisture is going to be working its way up, as you can see in our future cast, the rain makes its way up into the new york area by early thursday morning, into the northeast by early friday morning and it finally clears out by late friday afternoon, rainfall amounts, southern miami, southern florida should see anywhere from three to seven inches of rain, but generally about two to six inches of rain up into the mid-atlantic and then early thursday into friday, we're talking about anywhere from two to seven inches of rain along the northeast coast, and inland sections of pennsylvania
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on into new york and parts of new england. that's what's going >> nice, quiet start this wednesday. as we head into the afternoon, clouds will the and up and win will catch up to us from the ♪ smob call somebody call 911 time for "today's" money 911, our team of experts ready to answer your questions and help stop your financial problems. sharon epperson is cnn's personal finance editor. the author of finish rich and a
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personal finance expert. good to see everybody. let's get started. now we're going to go to skype right off the bat. diane from tlflagstaff, arizona has a question. >> good morning. i'm a single low income mom with my youngest attending arizona state university. she currently receives the federally funded scholarships, grants and loans. i have met the love of my life and we want to marry. would our joy mean my daughter's pain and change her financial aid? >> first of all, congratulations, diane, to you and your new husband, i hope that that's what you're going to do, because i'm going to tell you, you're actually going to have some impact to your daughter's financial aid package, by marrying, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't get married, but it does mean that on that application form, the fafsa form, they're going to
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look at that to see what your overall contribution will be. but i urge your daughter to look at scholarships, go to fast web, see if there's any scholarships that she can apply for. and also will help you fill out those forms and put in all the information you need so hopefully you can get some more aid. >> now we're going to go to the phone, this is from erica, she's from norway, maine. she's on the line, good morning, erica. >> caller: good morning. >> what's your question for our panel? >> caller: two weeks ago i saw jean chatzky mentioning that there's a 6% hard interest rate on credit cards, and because i'm over $90,000 in credit card debt, i tried to call a few of them and was given a total run around, they said i didn't make enough money to pay them and
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then when i gave them more documentation, they said i made too much money to qualify. about five years ago, i bought a bookstore and financed it with credit cards when the rates were low. >> that's where the $90,000 came in? >> caller: right. >> let me let david jump in. >> let's explain how this hardship works. you can't shop for a hardship rate. what you do is you call the credit card companies, and here's what's happening, all the credit card companies know there's people out there that can't pay their debts because of the interest rate. they have a hardship program, but it's called a forbearance plan, and they have what's called a debt management plan. they'll look at how much debt you have and in the first type of plan, a forbearance plan, if they believe by lowering your interest rate you can pay your debt off in less than one year, they will enroll you in that
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plan. the rates jean talked about 6%, sometimes it's as high as 10%, it can also be as low as zero percent, but when they looked at you and saw you had $90,000 in credit card debt, they thought there's no way you can pay that off in less than a year. so you actually qualify for a debt management plan. the credit card companies don't run the debt management plans themselves, they outsource it to nonprofit groups. go to they are the largest organization in the united states, they serve over 4 million people a year. they will refer you to a nonprofit organization that will look at your financial situation and then they'll go back out to the credit card company and they'll actually negotiate the debt management plan for you, they'll get the paper work for you, they'll help you fill it out and then the money will be taken automatically out of your checking out but the rates will be lower. in some cases it will be 6%, but
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it could be lower than that. >> in one way or another, you do get some relief. >> now let's head back to skype, we have got allison from baltimore, maryland, good morning, allison. can you hear us, allison? >> yeah, i can hear you. >> what's your question? >> i'm a recent college grad working in a new city and i understand the basics of personal finance, but i'm struggling to find information on how to meet my long-term goal, i'm looking to buy a house and be in a comfortable financial situation in the next ten years, so how at 22 can i start working towards these goals. >> you have a lot of things you want to accomplish in a short period of time. in ten years or so, the first thing you want to do is sign up for a free community personal finance website where you can upload all of your financial information from your bills to your student loans to your savings and checking and they allow you to kind of fiddle with
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the numbers and see what it will take to reach your goal. i want you to open an automated savings about. the first thing you said is you want to be comfortable. that means security. you need all of these emergency expenses saved up for the six months at least. you're young, i'm going to say six months of emergency living expenses, you need those saved up. before you buy a home, they're going to want to see that money saved up too. put all your information on a site where there's a community of people trying to meet their goals. >> this is an e-mail from shelly from medford, oregon, she writes, i'm 22 years old, i'm $80,000 in college loans, $10,000 in credit card bills and is unemployed. i'm trying to start my photography business with assistance from my parents. >> i don't know where this idea came out that obama
9:13 am
administration has a debt relief act. >> the commercials. >> there's no such thing. it's a total scam, what you need to do is focus on getting a job. even though you're with your parents, you want to be able to pay for your own expenses. get a job first, do some freelance, shoot some wedding, but you really need a job where you can pay your bills and don't expect a handout because you're not going to get it. in terms of student loans, you may be looking at forbearance. >> thanks, guys, good to see you again. >> still ahead, the benefits to have young children learn a second language is now. we revealed the wedding cake for melissa and jeremy. but if you're wondering what to wear, we're going to solve your fashion day dilemma, how do dress up for a fall wedding.
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the official cold medicine of the u.s. ski team. alka-seltzer plus. this morning on education nation, according to government studies, thousands of schools have started teaching foreign languages in the last decade. >> languages like french, germany and russian are on the decline, but two languages are making their way into the classroom in a very big way. >> let's all say good morning. >> mandarin is on the rise according to a recent education survey. >> neither one of us knew
9:18 am
mandarin and we knew it was a great opportunity for her to absorb it now. >> turn on the tv and with kids shows like "ni hao, kai-lan," and "dora the explorer," children are already being exposeded to foreign languages at a young age. there are even language dvds like lil' kim teaching little ones languages, like spanish, mandarin and french. there's a magic window for kids, of four to six years old it's effortless for them to learn, one, two, even three languages and that's why it's important to start early, there are sensitive periods where you're more effective at learning languages and infancy tends to be a period of time where it's easier to absorb. >> studies show learning a foreign language can help students in other areas. >> academically, someone who
9:19 am
knows another language are often better readers and writers and they score high on iq tests. >> it opens up her mind and if she can learn it now when it's easy, good for her. why wait? >> and while mandarin is on the rise, spanish is taught almost universally. 80% of elementary schools and 93% of middle schools and high schools offer spanish. >> spanish and mandarin are popular. >> it's certainly up to us to encourage our children to learn more than one language. >> and some parents are starting their kids early. >> it opens many doors to them in all areas of life. >> more than anything, i think it fosters open mindedness and that's kind of what we're all after. >> at that age, your brain is like a sponge, you just absorb it all, so the earlier the
9:20 am
better, it seems. >> very cool. speaking of education nation, are they smarter than a fourth grader? we talk to kathy lee and hoda as they go back to school. [ poof! ] who are you?!? i'm your "genie"! weren't you just wishing for something more nutritious to eat? i was! well, you could enjoy the taste of decadent dark chocolate, the crunch of almonds, plus 35% of your daily fiber... plus antioxidants in a kellogg's fiber plus bar. mmmm. right then. two more wishes?
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so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. welcome back to our week long education nation, mo. joining us now is the executive vice president for university of phoenix and creators of the learning assessment test which is what we found on the education nation website. and basically, the key is to find out what kind of learner we are, right, rob, good morning. >> each of us have different learning styles, some of us are more visual. some of us are more auditory, and we listen to things and learn. so finding your learning style, you can really optimize and personalize your learning outcome. >> you've got a list of seven different kinds and physical, as
9:24 am
you say, solitary, logical, social, verbal, visual and by going to this website that you created, people can take a test and in just a few minutes, they can figure out what kind of learner they are. >> you can go through this, it's 21 questions and the kind of questions are about your activities, are you a good listener? do you talk with your hands? and then when we use our program, we can give you a quick profile of what are your different types of learning styles? sometimes you may have a dominant learning style. >> some young people may be having some trouble in school or may be showing signs of difficulty of sitting still in class. the place you go is how do you >> yes. >> and it is a very simple test and for kids who are really trying to find a new way to
9:25 am
learn, maybe they needmore physical activity, it's a very successful tool to find out what style learner they are. >> we have more after your local news and weather. gotta have the chicken parm. [ laughs ] on the weight watchers online website there's a whole bunch of little tools to track your success. while i'm waiting for my kids to come out of karate, i can just plug my numbers in right there. i take my shirt off to take out the garbage, you know, and all the little old ladies on my block are like, "oh eddie, how's it going?" [ laughs ] i lost 60 pounds. it's like the size of my eight year old son. [ female announcer ] hurry and join for free. weight watchers online. finally, losing weight clicks. hi, a number two please? would you like that to hurt now, or later? uh, what? sir, it's a simple question, do you want heartburn pain now or later? [ male announcer ] these heartburn medicines make you choose between hurting now, or later. pepcid® complete doesn't. it starts to neutralize acid in seconds and keeps it under control all day or all night. sometimes you gotta make compromises, man.
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea.
9:28 am
but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. as we had through the day today, expect the clouds to pick up. the right to hold off until later this afternoon or evening. high temperatures will sneak into the 70's. rain is likely tomorrow. some of it is going to be heavy. flooding problems on thursday. heights and the mid-70's.
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♪ i can see it now ♪ you remember when we were sitting there by the water ♪ ♪ you put your arm around me for the first time ♪ >> there they are, our adorable couple. and just 23 hours from now, "today" wedding couple melissa and jeremy will be getting married on our plaza, rain or shine. and you are all invited to help plan the entire thing, from choosing our lucky couple to helping choose their wedding gown to the cake. and so feel welcome to share melissa and jeremy's happy day tomorrow. >> and we're going to find out where they're going to go on their honeymoon. >> they're very excited about that. and coming up in this half hour,
9:31 am
if you were lucky enough to be invited to melissa and jeremy's wedding or any wedding this fall, what's appropriate to wear? when you look at the invitation, you've got to decipher, is this black tie, whatever, how to look your best as a guest. and if you're like a lot of us, you grew up with charlie brown, lucy, snoopy and the whole gang. this week, the peanuts comic strip turns 60 and there's a great new collection coming out. i consider myself lucky enough to talk to charles sparky schultz twice. but we're going to talk to his wife on this anniversary. >> that's what we sound like. >> we sound a lot like our director. >> he's probably telling us to move it along. >> natalee, what do you want to know? also in "today's" kitchen, a
9:32 am
hearty fall meal including pork chops. >> it's probably involving some apples. >> but first let's get to the weather, al. >> we do have tropical depression 16 making its way up the coast, bringing heavyai along the southeast atlanta coast "today," record highs continue out west, wet weather in the western great lakes. tomorrow that heavy rain shift into the mid-atlantic on into new england, but the western 2/3 of the country, looking pretty hot, dry and sunny, with mild conditions in the pacific northwest, warm down through florida after >> it looks like most of the date is going to be dry. we will see some rain catch up to us, though. high temperatures in los of unease.
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>> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, if you're stumped, we're going to tell you what to wear to a fall wedding right after this. i love my grandma. i love you grandma. grandma just makes me happy. ♪ to know, know, know you grandma is the bestest. the total package. grandpa's cooooooooool. way cool. ♪ grandpa spoils me rotten. ♪ to know, know, know you ♪ is to love... some people call us frick and frack. we do finger painting. this is how grandpa and i roll. ♪ and i do [ pins fall ] grandma's my best friend. my best friend ever. my best friend ever. ♪ [ laughing ]
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let's raise a glass to cookies just out of the oven. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. "today"s wedding modern love is brought to you by chevy, every model is backed by a 100,000 mile, five year limited power train warranty. this morning on "today's" wedding, modern love, what to wear to a fall wedding. have you heard, we'll be holding a wedding right here on our plaza with melissa and jeremy
9:37 am
tieing the knot. whether it's a black tie or casual, it can be very confusing. bobby, good morning. sometimes you get these invitations and it's hard to figure out what exactly are they calling for in terms of the style of the wedding and dress we should be wearing. what's your best tip there? >> my best tip is don't plan to automatically go spend too much money. i think everyone i talk to when they hear they're invited anywhere, they think that just means i have to go to the store right now and spend a couple hundred dollars, but i have some much more affordable options. >> as we're moving towards fall, there's a lot more black tie weddings. >> yes. >> you've got autumn and melanie. >> it is easy for guys, they put on the tux, but this is an occasion that you want to be a little bit more elegant, conservative is the word because friends, family and co-workers may be mixed in.
9:38 am
you'll see this dress, it's very simple. it's $98, it comes in five colors, it ranges from petite sizes all the way through plus sizes and you can really put your own personality on this dress. it's a simple a-line so it flatters most figures and whether you want to dr.ess it up with accessories or down, it's a great hero dress. on melanie, i love this dress, it's a velvet, very rich, perfect for fall, you don't have to wear black to a black tie, these are really great sophisticated alternative colors. but this was only $99. it's a designer that this same dress is still being sold at full price in the stores. so consider those discount department stores for formal evening wear. >> so you don't have to go out and buy something. besides a big chunky jewelry, what else do you recommend? >> i love the flower on melanie.
9:39 am
something they use abroad is they use fascinators. just have fun and play up the accessories, both of these are under $100. . >> for autumn's dress, you could tie a lovely ribbon around her waist. autumn and melanie, thank you so much. and what we think is a black tie optional. and we have now nancy coming up in a real sweet number. >> everything you saw, this is a metallic, shimmering, almost likeif you're not sure with a black tie optional, how dressy you should be. go for a dress that has a little bit more weight to it. she can wear this to a holiday better too later on.
9:40 am
and it's from maggie london who makes great party dresses. >> and the bubble down below. >> you don't want to go too short for a wedding. i think it's great at the knee, just above the knee. and you can leave the jewelry behind with a dress like this becau. >> now we have our final category and that's casual or festive attire. >> this is julie and her mom. they for a modern wedding, you never know where the venn dwru may be. yes, you can wear pants, you can pull out a black blazer and pants. the cluster of broaches was my idea. just have fun and add like a glamorous element. >> i love this idea. so really a suit that you have in your closet. >> the vintage rollup, the hem line or the pants so you can show off your ankles.
9:41 am
>> you just roll that up? do you have to pin it? >> just roll it up and it will show off a fun shoe. and really quickly, we went to m.j. trimming here in new york and we got a sash that you can literally cut right off the roll, this is $20. >> really? >> and a fun feathered handbag. >> most everyone has a black dress. >> a little black dress. >> and did you glue some feathers on? >> no, it came with the bag, but that's a great idea. >> thank all of our models this morning. and bobby, great idea. s, and by the way, you look fantastic. don't forget that melissa and jeremy's wedding will be here live on "today." the peanuts gang turns 50, we're going to take a look back right after this.
9:42 am
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happiness is 60 years of peanuts. it ran for nearly 50 years without interruptions with encores continuing to appear "toda today around the world. charlie brown also appeared on the small screen with classic animated specials. an interactive book hit stores october 25. it includes rare materials from the schultz family archives. jeanne schultz is the wife of charlie schultz. >> it's hard to believe after six years, this strip is as popular as it ever was. >> because it talks about the
9:46 am
ordinary things of ordinary life and they don't change. and that's what sparky tapped into, that's what he cared about. >> he wasn't just a cartoonist or a comic strip illustrate for, he was a philosopher in a way. >> he always said i know what people mean, but again he could wrap things in not just what we have said, but the real meaning of what kids said to each other, of what people said to each other. >> you were right there, you watched the strip evolve. in that time, how did it change? >> well, i think the main thing is -- the main way that it changed is that charlie brown was sort of a sassy kid in the beginning and then he became the loser but always hopeful. so his personality changed, snoopy changed of course. i was married to him the last 25 years, 27 years, and it didn't change as much from the '70s on,
9:47 am
although he became more philosophicals, in the '90s, he was a grandfather. and you hear some grandfather and some reflecting, kids reflecting back on their charlie brown reflecting back on things his father said, or things his grandmother, and that is sparky seeing his own aging. >> you in a sense are the keeper of this flame. it's a bit of a responsibility, i would think, so make sure that, you know, things stay true to what sparky's vision was? >> well, the museum does that, i think we keep the archives that have gone into this book that you mentioned, but also at the studio, we have, i think in the last ten years since sparky's death have brought back the -- we have brought back some old art, we're doing a new television show based on the old '6 0s animation, so we're tryin to show the whole of sparky's
9:48 am
work. >> and you have it distilled in this peanuts collection. there's copies of archives, things that people haven't seen before? >> things from the museum that we have been fortunate enough to collect in the past ten years, almost ten years that we have been open and so it is wonderful. it's a wonderful collection. >> you said something, it seems hard to believe that sparky's been gone ten years. >> almost. it was almost ten years ago that you were out at our house. >> when you think of sparky's legacy, what comes to your mind the most? >> it's the love that people have for him. people come to the museum every day and they want to hug me because it's the best they can do and tell me how much it meant to them and their coming back to their childhood.
9:49 am
>> folks who are new to the comic strip, because that's what's amazing, new generations, my kids are reading these collections and falling in love with them all over again. >> because you bring your love to them. >> jeanne schultz, thank you for helping put this together. the book is called the peanuts collection. and we're going find out how to make a savory and succulent stuffed pork chop. but first, this is "today" on nbc. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against expanding the child care tax credit and against the state's cancer treatment program.
9:50 am
andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us.
9:51 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, pork chops, they don't have to be ho-hum anymore. dress them up with a chestnut dressing and a bourbon cider glaze.
9:52 am
>> this is a fall dish, isn't it? >> i always like the same stuffing as thanks giving. >> you're starting with the stuffing here. >> what i have here, is a little bit of the garlic, the onions and the celery. you don't want to overcook it. the edge of it needs to be -- make it a little bit sweeter, now i add apples. you can put them in raw or cooked, sliced small. >> i went to the farmer's market and got an even better apple. but it's always so sour, if i have a really sour apple, and that's all we can really get, dice it and cook it in a little bit of apple cider. so you'll have that sweet and sour thing going on. we really just want to warm it up. then i have my bread cubes, lightly toasted. i i just want color. i want to have the dry
9:53 am
ingredients first. so i have my dry herbs. >> it's a regular margarine. i want that little bit of fresh. you've got to season the bread at that point, because once you get the wet in there, you're not going to be able to really taste it. and i just put in my chestnuts. >> were these boiled before. >> you can boil them or you can roast them. if you can't find chestnuts, a little bit of a problem i had here. you just go to any korean store, supermarket, and they'll have them precooked. >> hopefully you have a little korean store nearby. we got them everywhere. >> i have them everywhere i travel. that's a beautiful thing. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to mix this in. >> i have butter and cream mixed
9:54 am
together. then i have some chicken stock. if you really like this, you can use warm cider for that. and go ahead and mix that up. >> you get a little bit of wetness in there. >> a little bit of wet and then i'm going to add that, and then this turns your stuffing almost into a bread pudding. >> we should get started on the pork chops. >> these are berkshire pork shops, it's a heritage pork. it's moist, it has a high ph level, so it tends to be very tender and very moist. >> so you're going to cut it right down the middle? >> you cut the pocket as deep as you can. you want to take your stuffing and pop it in there. now we got that. then you're going to have to tie your pork chop because if you see this, you don't want it too tight or too loose because it's going to expand as it cooks. how long on each side?
9:55 am
just until brown and then it goes in the oven. >> ann's ready. >> this is a bourbon cider glaze. >> we're going to have it on our website >> phil michaels best friend. >> hoda and kathy lee will be here, they're going back to school.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> good morning. i'm tony pann. as we head through the day to day, clouds will be thickening up and rain will catch up late
9:58 am
this afternoon or evening. high-temperature near 71. plenty of rain in the forecast tomorrow. tomorrow. some of the will be
9:59 am
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